Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jeff Adams-Probate Property Scam

Jeff adams says,Probate would be the legal proceeding used to settle a loved one person's estate, such as the transfer of precious assets like real estate property to legal heirs. Some scam artists victimize a person who's going to be concerned about this expenses of probate dwindling the inheritance for loved ones. Other people enlist unsuspecting entrepreneurs who will be misled about how probate works or unknowingly assist in scam.

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    A living trust scam is typically aimed at senior property owners. The con artist contacts the senior and claims to be an "expert" at living trusts. The senior is informed that a will is not good enough because the taxes and expenses incurred in probate will eat away at most of her estate, leaving little for her loved ones. The perpetrator of the scam sends the senior a trust "application" after receiving a fee. The senior fills out and returns the document, now full of sensitive information, to the criminal. Information about the real estate the senior owns, including mortgage data and the property address, are requested on the form. The scam artist has both the senior's money and financial information, while the senior never hears back from the person again.

    Some "living trust" forms use are actually a thinly disguised attempt to get the senior to transfer ownership of real estate to the "trustees," the perpetrators of the scam. The criminals may use the information and documents to take out a mortgage on the home and pocket the proceeds.
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